Wellness Care

Having a pet is a lifetime (for them) commitment that both you and we, sign up for. We want that lifetime to be long, happy and healthy! It starts with your first visit. A thorough physical exam is done where every organ system is examined. If there are medical issues, we’ll come up with a game plan together to get them addressed and treated. If everything looks good, we’ll work together to decide what’s the best preventative care plan for your individual pet based on lifestyle and exposure (some pets are more exposed than others to certain diseases and may need additional vaccines vs others may be less exposed requiring less frequency of vaccines).

We’ll discuss getting your pet on the best parasite preventative (heartworms, intestinal worms, fleas, ticks) to cover what they are exposed to. We’ll discuss other things like nutrition, exercise routine, and age-appropriate testing (from heartworm tests and intestinal parasite screens to internal organ screenings for signs of disease). We’ll also take the time to answer any questions you may have so that you leave confident in the care you are giving your pet!

Then we’ll see them every 6 months, which may seem frequent to you. But remember! Pets age much faster than we do and A LOT can change for them in a very short period of time. Our goal is to prevent problems instead of treating them! If we DO need to treat a problem, the sooner we catch it the better!