Meet The Support Team

Support Team

Practice Manager

Jazmine is our Practice Manager. She has over 37 years of experience in the veterinary field and has been with our clinic for over 29 years. Jazmine has two grown daughters and one granddaughter Kayley. Included in her family is one Maltipoo Cleo and one Shihpom Shaggi, both rescued.

Kennel Technician

Sophia is one of our Kennel Technicians. She has experience working with many different animals. Sophia is a Senior in High School and plays competitive Volleyball. In her free time she loves spending time with her dog Sugar.

Technician in Training

Marco is one of our Tech assistant’s training to be a Technician. He currently attends UTA and is studying to attend Vet school. Marco likes to spend his free time lifting weights, doing martial arts and traveling.


Kenadie is our all day receptionist. She came from the Kroger family to try something new and explore her love for animals. Kenadie has two dogs, Rain and Storm she plays fetch with. She also enjoys playing video games in her spare time.


Quinn is one of our Receptionist. She has over 7 years’ experience in the veterinary field, and has always had a passion for helping animals. Quinn has a young daughter named Ellie, and a Foxhound named Dexter.

Emotional Support Mascot

Fergalicious “Fergie” for short, is our emotional support team mascot. Fergie was found on the side of the road with her dead puppy and she was on death’s door. She was rushed to our hospital by animal control for immediate care.