Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM)

Dr. Cyndi Rachal offers consultations in the use of acupuncture, herbs and nutrition. Acupuncture and herbal therapy often require 3 to 4 treatments for maximum effect. Acupuncture visits are usually scheduled once a week for the first few weeks, and then on an as-needed basis.

These types of integrative modalities can be used to treat a broad range of problems that are conventionally treated with drugs. However, not every problem can be successfully resolved. Sometimes the disease is too advanced for integrative methods alone. Other times, we do not have the necessary knowledge or experience. Occasionally, our methods fail in spite of our best efforts. We say this not to discourage you, but rather to honestly communicate our skills and also our limitations. If it is the doctor’s opinion that for the well being of your pet he/she should receive conventional medication and/or surgery, we will promptly inform you and arrange such care.

If your pet has multiple problems or is on multiple medications and you are not a regular client of Animal Health Care Center it is imperative that all medical records for your pet be faxed or mailed to Animal Health Care Center as soon as possible before your scheduled appointment. If you are a current Animal Health Care Center client, your pet’s records will automatically be forwarded to Dr. Cynthia Rachal.

The first TCVM appointment is typically 60-90 minutes long. If you are a new client to Animal Health Care Center, we ask that you arrive 15 minutes before your appointment to fill out paperwork. The initial TCVM consultation includes a full history and physical examination, an analysis and an acupuncture treatment with or without herbal therapy. Follow up appointments are 30 minutes long and should be scheduled a minimum of 1 week in advance if possible.