House Call Services

Whether it’s because your pet is having mobility issues or just hates being at the clinic; or you work from home and just can’t get away, or maybe you have kiddos and it’s a three-ring circus to load everyone up into the car, no more need to stress, you don’t need to always come to us, we’ll come TO YOU! Dr. Rachal can come to your house and provide a variety of services without you or your pet leaving the house. This includes things like: physical exams, vaccines, heartworm tests, intestinal parasite screens, blood and urine sample collection for testing, sample collection for ear and skin infections, toe nail trims, anal gland expressions, acupuncture, laser therapy, other injectable medications and at home euthanasias. 

If they need medication it can be picked up at the clinic or be ordered through our online pharmacy and delivered directly to your home! 

Because we also have a brick-and-mortar clinic, if they need additional services, we can do those as well (like radiology, dentistry, and surgery). This gives you the best of both worlds!

Viridian Housecalls

Housecalls in the Viridian Neighborhood: every Friday from 8:30 am to 1 pm

COMING SOON! - Arlington Housecalls

We will soon be offering house calls to Arlington clients (and surrounding cities for an additional per-mile fee*).

Housecalls in Arlington will be every other Tuesday 9 am - 1 pm