Integrative Medicine/Supplements

What is Integrative Veterinary Medicine?

Integrative Veterinary Medicine is using both eastern (Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine + supplements and diet) and western (conventional medications/treatments) methods to achieve the optimum results for overall patient care as well as treatment for numerous diseases.

Integrative medicine gives us more choices, or as Dr. Rachal says “more tools in the toolbox” to treat diseases that conventional medicine may not help 100% with. Conventional or “western” medicine can be very useful, but it typically can only be used when a diagnosis of a disease is made-it treats the disease. Eastern medicine comes from a different direction and focuses on aiding the body to re-balance itself or reach homeostasis which helps the body heal itself.

How do we do Integrative Veterinary Medicine?

At Animal Health Care Center we use a multi-modal approach. This means that we may need to do things like bloodwork, urinalysis, radiographs, ultrasounds and/or other testing to help is define what is going on. Along with those things, we check their tongue and pulses and general behavior to help us come up with the best treatment plan for your pet.

On the Eastern medicine side, Dr. Rachal is trained in TCVM (Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine). Dr. Rachal uses dietary changes, supplements and Chinese herbs as well as acupuncture and k-laser therapy to help your pet feel its best.